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Westport, Wisconsin Real Estate Analysis

Westport Real Estate Market Stats

Average Home Values

Price Distribution

Owners vs Renters

Home Averages

$0 Average Price

Local vs National Home Values

Percent Homes Decreasing 30.7% 16%
Percent Listing Price Reduction 0 0
Median List Price Per Sq Ft 0 125
Median List Price 0 239,500
Median Sale Price 0 2,439,823
Homes For Sale 0 2,439,823
Homes Recently Sold 0 2,439,823
Property Tax 0 2,147
Turnover (Sold Within Last Yr.) 0 0
Median Value Per Sq Ft 0 132
Homes For Sale By Owner 0 90,010
New Construction 0 126,901
Foreclosures 0 15,283

Walk Score for Westport

Westport School Data

Westport School Districts

We’re sorry, we were unable to load the school district data. Please check back soon.

Westport Schools

We’re sorry, we were unable to load the school data. Please check back soon.

Posted on October 4, 2013 at 3:53 pm by Matthew Heitmann

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