Odors within a home can have a significant impact on the way a property is perceived. It is always a good idea to create pleasant odors that will leave a lasting good impression on potential buyers. Here are some helpful tips I have picked up from clients, customers and agents that are quick and easy.

  1. Eliminating or lessening bad odors is better than simply covering them up. If your home or basement is damp and musty use a dehumidifier. Basements are in the ground and naturally will be more likely to be damp. Eliminating the moisture will help keep the musty smell at bay. Leave windows open to let fresh air into the home as well.
  2. Throw cinnamon into a pot of hot water and take it off the stove just before a showing. This will leave a pleasant cinnamon odor. Lighting cinnamon candles will add to this.
  3. If you prefer the scent of lemons use lemon candles. Running a few lemon slices through the garbage disposal will add to this aroma. Do this just before a showing as well.
  4. Placing a beer in the oven on low will give the impression of fresh baked bread. Be sure to turn the oven off before the showing.
  5. A small reed diffuser in the bathroom will add to your aroma appeal. There are many different scents to choose from and adds to the visual effect.

Original article – Creating pleasant aromas for home showings

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