Key Considerations For Senior Housing Projects

Rock County has a vibrant and diverse community with a housing market to match. This encompasses all ages and background – including over 65s, with seniors forming 15.8% of Rock County’s population. For those looking to find their way into the senior housing market and make a real difference in terms of the quality of housing available – or those looking to buy such a property themselves – there are a few key factors every senior-friendly home should have. If you fit the profile and you’re looking at senior housing, take a look at these key guidelines.

Health and Safety

Underlining the commitment of any house to being senior-friendly is the presence of good quality safety features. These vary hugely, but the key fact is that WI has a high fall hospitalization rate compared to the rest of America, where 6% of falls in over 65s require hospital treatment. So, what can you do? A simple and effective way to make your property suitable for senior citizens is to remove barriers between rooms, creating seamless surfaces. This vastly reduces the chance of trips and falls, and makes navigating the house easier. Furthermore, you can introduce grip bars and rails around the house. This will raise the value of your house, and particularly if implemented with a well considered room design.

Bathroom Improvements

The bathroom is one of the more dangerous areas of the house, given the propensity for standing water and humidity in the air. This can lead to slips and bouts of lightheadedness, leading to problems in those with mobility or vascular conditions. Whilst some of this can be addressed using household items like non-slip bath mats and runners, the actual design of the bathroom can help too. Increasing the height of the toilet, for example, will minimize the requirement for squatting and stooping, and won’t damage the design of the room. In fact, many bathrooms with

Future Compatibility

A great way to help your property be senior-safe is to have good wireless connections around the property. This will raise the property value right now, especially given the focus on digital technology and the internet of things – young people have good wireless connectivity as a must in their properties. For safety and security in your senior years, this enables you to remain in contact with the outside world, for the worst case situations and to maintain social connections during retirement.

Safety and security comes primarily from the design of a house and ensuring that every base is covered in terms of slips and falls. But, the internet is helping to guarantee safety too, making a forward-thinking home the best type for all ages.

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